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  • How to Create a Category & Write a Blog Post

    How to Create a Category & Write a Blog Post

    I am writing this post for training video 

    I have uploaded an image as featured image which will be displayed as main image of this post and displayed on the Top of text but if i want to insert an image anywhere in the body of this post then i have to click on Add media button which is the simplist method

    I am going to add an image here


    Now iam going to add a video in this post but before inserting a video i have to save this post first by clicking on publish button 

    For adding video you can click on add media button on the top of this text editor 

    I have inserted a video from YouTube into body of my blog post but for making it responsive for proper resolution on all devices such as tablets and Smartphones I have to save this post by clicking on publish button and then click on this TEXT link of this Editor 

    I highlighted the code of video and I have to add two dives manually for making this video responsive.

    Before adding those two HTML dives let us first have a look how this post looks like in frontend of Blog 

    ok now l;et us see how this blog post will look in Smartphone Devices ?

    As you can see both Featured and Blog body images are looking fine on mobile device preview but video preview is ugly enough and for making this video resolution responsive I have to add two HTML dives

    <div class="video-responsive">Copy YouTube URL from address bar and past it here </div>

    in Start and End of yourtube video Code which i copied EARLIER 

    For this propose just click on publish for saving changes and then click on Text Link of Editor 

    Add adding two HTML Dives just click on publish button and check the preview on frontend after refreshing the page

    Now the Video looks responsive.


    For checking comments read the MS Word document and also you can check approve or delete comments from here

  • Senior Grade Class - for 10 Members Only Reserve Your Spot Now

    Senior Grade Class - for 10 Members Only Reserve Your Spot Now

    This training session for senior grade members is for just 10 members only.

    The aim is to give more personal tuition so each student will leave knowing exactly what to work on ready for the next grading. It's on Saturday 22nd July at Northgate State School.

    Training from 2.30-4pm, open to kids and adults from the


    blue belt (4th Kup to black tip (1st Kup). 

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