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About Us

We offer Art Supplies (GIS + MMA + Muay Thai + BJJ + Belt) to martial arts schools as well as individuals, so whether you’re looking for a new karate gi or Taekwondo uniform just for you or for an entire class, we can provide you with the equipment you need to excel in your training.

Our karate uniforms are available in 8oz weight for beginners to the light 10oz canvas, mid weight 12oz and 14oz canvas and the heavier 16oz and 18oz canvas. Sizes range from 000/110 through to 7/200.

Our wide variety of martial arts supplies and uniforms is all available via fast, reliable postage and even express postage on smaller items which will ensure you receive your items when you need them.

Pacific Sports (Brisbane QLD) is a family business run by martial arts practitioners with 40 years experience. As experienced martial artists ourselves we know that buying a karate uniform or other martial art supplies can be expensive. The well-known brand names offer good quality but with a high price tag. Now good quality is available without the high price tag. Our aim at Pacific Sports is to offer great quality products all at very realistic prices.


Our Mission

Our goal is to bring functional, reliable and affordable karate uniforms and martial art supplies as well as Taekwondo uniform and kickboxing supplies to the Australian market without unnecessary packaging or expense. That means you receive all our products at fair and reasonable prices. Our products are selected for their hard wearing reliability, not because they are the latest brand, so you can be sure that the products we sell are of great quality and are appropriate for their intended use.

Our Values

We have dedicated years of our own lives to martial arts and now want to aid others pursuing the same goals as ourselves through our martial arts supplies shop.

We will:

  • Provide only high quality karate unifiorms, Taekwondo uniforms and martial arts supplies,
  • Source all our products based on their functionality and reliability,
  • Provide all our clothing and equipment at fair and affordable prices,
  • Offer advice and guidance to our customers to ensure they choose the product that is right for them,
  • Keep our products free of any unnecessary packaging, branding or marketing costs thereby offering you the best products at the best prices,
  • Aim to get your product to you as soon as possible following payment.


Our Track Record

Pacific Sports (Brisbane) martial art supplies shop’s range of karate gi's, taekwondo uniforms and martial arts training equipment has been tested and checked across various martial arts styles and is now used in many martial arts schools.

We have been selling our products on Ebay to buyers all over Australia for several years and have collated a wealth of feedback which you’re welcome to browse; simply visit our Ebay martial arts store.

If you want advice about an item or help to choose the size of your karate gi or Taekwondo uniform we will do our best to answer your questions so you get exactly what you want and it meets your expectations. Feel free to contact us today.

We also provide a bulk quantity of Art Supplies to Martial Arts Training Schools in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney [NSW + VIC + QLD] Australia.