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Buying Your First Karate Gi

Buying Your First Karate Gi

This karate uniform buying guide is intended to help to select the right uniform for your needs. It is a must-read for anyone buying their first uniform either for themselves or their children and unsure of what to look for.

The terms uniform and gi are used throughout this article, they mean the same thing.

What makes up a karate uniform:

It consists of a jacket, pants, and belt – except if buying a canvas uniform which comes without a belt.

The jacket is an open wrap over style that fastens using ties at the sides and a karate belt around the wearer's waist.

The pants have a gusseted crotch that is designed to increase the strength of the seam, reduce tearing and increase the angle at which the pants can open to a split when kicking and stretching.

The waist of the pants can be secured with a traditional fabric drawstring that threads through the waistband and belt loops on the front of the pants, or a more modern style elastic waist with a shoestring tie. It is really a matter of preference as to what is best, but the elastic waist is easier to maintain and use.

Selecting the right fabric type and weight:

Perhaps one of the trickiest things to do when shopping for a gi is decided which weight you want. The measuring system (ounces) is not complicated but it takes the tactile experience to know which is best for you personally.  That being said, here are some tips for when you are deciding.

Uniforms are usually found in two fabric types; 100% cotton and a cotton/polyester blend usually consisting of 55%cotton/45% polyester.

100% Cotton – This generally makes up the higher quality medium and heavyweight canvas uniforms. But, they can be more difficult to take care of as they will shrink if washed and dried incorrectly. You will want to wash in cold water and air dry only.

Cotton/Polyester Blend – This fabric type usually makes up the less expensive light and medium weight uniforms. These are easy to care for and less likely to shrink, perfect for everyday training uniforms and great for kids or beginners that don’t want to spend too much on a first uniform.

Fabric Weight:

The uniforms are classified in the following ways:

Lightweight – 7oz to 8oz cotton and poly/cotton

Medium-weight or middleweight – 10oz to 14ozoz

Heavyweight – 16oz – 18oz

Lightweight – 7oz or 8oz cotton or poly/cotton. These generally are the most commonly worn uniforms. They suit kids and adults and come in sizes to fit children from 00000/90cms in height to XXL adults. 

Pacific Sports 8oz karate gi's in kids and adults sizes

8oz – Wearing a martial arts uniform for the first time is a new experience so you want to feel as comfortable as possible. While these are light, loose and easy to wear your uniform will feel a little different at first but after a few classes and washes it will be the most comfortable piece of clothing in your wardrobe! Even experienced practitioners use 8oz uniforms when they need something light and airy for the summer.

10oz – the 10oz cotton canvas is the lightest of the canvas uniforms and a great day-to-day weight. For practitioners who want a heavier uniform for it’s ‘feel’ but don’t want to feel restricted by the extra weight, 10oz is a perfect choice. As practitioners gain experience, they enjoy generating the ‘snap’ that canvas gi’s produce and the 10oz gi will do that.

Medium-Weight – 12oz and 14oz cotton canvas. These are the most popular choice for experienced martial arts practitioners. They provide a balance between strength, weight, and coolness. They will generally last longer and hold up better over time than the lightweight uniforms. They are usually manufactured in 100% cotton canvas. 

12oz – the 12oz cotton canvas is a nice choice for people who need responsiveness in their gi. For individuals looking to compete in tournaments, especially in kata, this is a good way to go, looks sharp and impressive!

Pacific Sports 12oz cotton canvas karate gi's

14 oz – 14oz cotton canvas is also a good choice. It is much the same as the 12oz, the slightly denser fabric feels stiffer at first but softens after washing. 14oz uniforms have serious feel and strength and are great for official events. They also produce excellent snap in techniques.

Heavyweight – 16oz and 18oz cotton canvas. These are usually the choice for competition, demonstration or for instructors. The heavier weight fabric is strong, durable and has that great ‘snap’ to it that practitioners love to hear, making it perfect for kata and displays. There’s no doubt these heavyweight uniforms look super professional on but may be less comfortable for smaller build females.


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