Kick shields and Hand pads


Martial art training takes long hours of practice to master a variety of kicks and strikes. It would be impossible to practice these skills on a training partner without causing serious injury, that is why we use a range of kick shields, focus pads, and hand shields. Used in the right way this equipment can improve your performance greatly, helping you develop increased speed, strength, and stamina. You can practice high kicks, elbow strikes, roundhouse kicks, and fast hand jabs and strikes.

Our kick shields and hand pads have been manufactured with high-density fillings to absorb the impact of the blow yet be light and comfortable for the trainer to hold during long hours of intense training.

Kick shields and hand pads must be durable and able to take a pounding repeatedly. That’s why Pacific Sports equipment is made to a high standard you can rely on. Our range of equipment can support your training so that you can practice full contact and achieve your maximum potential.

So, check out our range of kick shields and hand pads now.

  1. How to Choose a Taekwondo Kick Shield?

    How to Choose a Taekwondo Kick Shield

    If you are looking to build your training equipment, one thing you will need is a taekwondo kick shield. Brisbane is home to a thriving martial arts community and there are several sports stores where you can buy them.

    Of course, there’s always the option of buying your taekwondo kick shield online and there is a much bigger choice.

    But what should you be looking for? To help, here’s our quick guide.

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    Pacific Sports Australia for all your martial art needs
    Pacific Sports Australia is an online store – the purpose of which is to inspire passion in our clients and customers. We make your life easier by offering you with the top-notch quality martial art supplies. You surely will have the best shopping experience here.
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  3. How to Use Focus Pads in Your Taekwondo Training?

    How to Use Focus Pads in Your Taekwondo Training
    One aspect of training that most martial arts practitioners love is pad work. There is something satisfying and stimulating.
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