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Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport requiring a quick and full range of motion for striking, grappling, and ground fighting while kickboxing is a mix of boxing and karate requiring greater agility and precision. Keeping in mind the prerequisites of the motion used in this training, we have come up with new designs for Kickboxing and MMA, made up of Kickboxing shorts, MMA shorts and rash guards.  


Both the shorts and rashguards are well-tailored to provide following benefits –

  1. 1) Enhance the full range of motion
  2. 2) Provide comfort and freedom as they are lightweight
  3. 3) Properly retains heat to support muscle recovery 
  4. 4) Provide great ventilation and comfort
  5. 5) Properly incorporates non- intervention fabric 


The rash guards are fabricated to provide you full protection against cuts, scrapes, and rashes.   You’ll love the smooth stitching and finish that prevents any kind of movement restriction and provides full flexibility. They will quickly soak away the sweat while providing muscle warmth to support quick muscle recovery, so necessary in this sport. Studies have shown that rash guards with the ability to soak up sweat fast can provide a competitive edge. So, keeping this fact in mind Pacific Sports products can provide customers with good looking sportswear that enhances their performance too.  


So, Are you ready to gain a competitive edge in this sport? Check out the Pacific Sports Australia Kickboxing, MMA Supplies store Australia.

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