Taekwondo Uniforms, Kickboxing & MMA Collection

Taekwondo Uniforms, Kickboxing & MMA Collection

Are you in need of a martial arts uniform? Maybe your current uniform does not fit you anymore, or maybe you are just getting started with martial arts. Pacific Sports Australia is here to save the day. A martial arts shop located in Brisbane, we have a wide range of martial arts equipment and uniform for everyone. From karate, kickboxing, and taekwondo to MMA and gym, we ensure that nobody gets left out on our amazing products. We offer a discount to martial arts clubs and karate schools. Our prices are affordable and our products are made to last.


Taekwondo Uniforms


We are aware of how much of a difference in the quality of taekwondo uniform makes on one’s training performance. If you know that something could go wrong at any time with your uniform, you will not be able to fully focus on your training. The uniforms are available in a range of sizes from small kids to large adults as well as in different fabrics. First, we have the 8oz poly/cotton heavy-duty double stitching. This kind of uniform is more lightweight, comfortable and easy to care for. The heavy-duty double stitch makes it durable and guarantees you long time service. We also have the 8oz cotton V-neck style with the ITF print on the back. After that, we have the 100% cotton 8oz V-neck heavy duty stitching. These uniforms keep you feeling cooler so are perfect for those hot summer days. Apart from uniforms we also stock taekwondo shoes made in good quality leather in different designs and prices.


Kickboxing Shorts & Pants


Now, kickboxing is a sport that requires a lot of body movement thus you require comfortable and durable attire. At Pacific Sports Australia, we have amazing gear that will not disappoint. We have Muay Thai shorts which are available in all sizes. We also have the Muay Thai short blue red vinyl patch which is in all sizes too. The cross fit shorts, available in sizes small, medium, and large, is suitable for all sorts of tough training. We also have red shorts with a double black stripe made from polyester silk. Next, we have the shorts with red white and blue stripe design, resembles the American flag. Then there is the pair with the black satin Thai design. Both of these are available in all sizes. The no fear Thai design, colored black is available in all sizes. Also, the red shorts with black trim and yellow stars and the polyester silk shorts in blue and red are available in medium and large sizes. Finally, we have stylish black pants with a double red stripe in sizes medium, large and extra-large.


MMA collection


If you are going to join MMA, you will need to have appropriate gear for effective training. First, we have perfect workout shorts, available in all sizes. Also, in stock, is the 4-way stretch made of polyester also available in all sizes. Available in all sizes too is the lightweight micro fabric also 100 percent polyester. From there we have rash guards, beginning with the short-sleeved rash guard available in all sizes. Then we have the short-sleeved rash guard for MMA, BJJ available in all sizes. All these are available in affordable sizes and attractive designs to ensure you have a comfortable work out.

If you're interested in online ordering of any type, color, and size of Taekwondo Uniform, Kickboxing Shorts, Kick Boxing Pants, or MMA Collection please have a look at our available inventories.


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