What are the benefits of using 100% cotton uniforms for martial arts?

benefits of using cotton uniforms for martial arts

Martial arts are a timeless skill and have been practiced in one form or another for hundreds of years. Many professionals have been honing their skills for decades, teaching both traditional and modern styles.

There are many different kinds of martial arts, from the relatively well-known Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do to the uncommon yet beautiful movements of Okichitaw.

Regardless of which martial art you practice, if you’re training in a traditional style it’s most likely you’ll wear a uniform or gi. This is symbolic of the practice and profession, whilst allowing free and comfortable movement.

When it comes to choosing a karate gi there is plenty of choices. Aside from the colors and cut of various brands, there’s also a choice of fabric. We recommend using 100% cotton - here’s why.


#1. Moisture Control


There’s no question that martial arts can be incredibly intense. You will find yourself moving around a lot, using a lot of energy and becoming very warm. Naturally, you will find yourself sweating.

Choosing a gi is a personal thing. Some martial arts practitioners swear by a particular brand while another practitioner will find the same brand uncomfortable. It’s all about personal choice. But there’s one thing that nearly everyone agrees on, 100% cotton karate gi’s are the most comfortable fabric to wear, especially in a hot climate. One of the best things about using cotton is that it is a fantastic way to control moisture. The soft material is incredibly breathable, making it a great way to stay sweat-free.

As the material is so breathable, you’ll find that (unlike with synthetic materials) it will not irritate your skin - even after a particularly intense session.


#2. Comfort


Cotton is arguably one of the most comfortable materials around; maybe it’s because it’s 100% natural, or perhaps it’s due to the unbelievably soft feel.

Either way, cotton garments are a great way to keep yourself comfortable. There won’t be any loose threads scratching away at your skin, and the silky material will feel soft to the touch.


#3. Movement


Martial arts are all about fluid movement, elegant precision, and graceful determination. As such, it’s important that your clothes restrict your movement as little as possible.

Some materials, such as denim or leather, are known for their rigidity. Even synthetic materials can be restricted, reducing your flexibility and even inhibiting your progress.

Cotton is a very loose material, meaning that it’s the best option for any sports-related activity. The soft fabric follows your body shape comfortably allowing for free movement.

Despite this soft feel, cotton is also the most durable material for martial arts uniforms. It’s extremely sturdy and significantly less likely to rip or tear than synthetic alternatives.


#4. Hypoallergenic


Some people react strongly to synthetic materials; as they’re made from multiple different fabrics, there’s a much higher chance that someone could experience an allergic reaction.

Luckily, cotton is extremely skin-friendly. Cotton is actually recommended by medical professionals to those who do suffer from skin conditions - if that isn’t enough proof, it’s also the primary ingredient used in many different bandages and plasters.

If you’re ready to take your martial arts game to the next level, you need to invest in a cotton karate gi. You can browse our full range of supplies and martial arts equipment, including uniforms, just here:


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