Protective Equipment


Protective equipment is essential in martial art training for two reasons. It allows the attacker to make contact when practicing kicks and strikes protects the wearer from injury. It gives both parties a sense of security also. Our training partners are often our friends too so we don’t want to injure them, if they wear a chest protector they are much less likely to be hurt during practice. And if you are blocking for defense it’s much more comfortable to do it when wearing arm protectors.


There is a wide range of protective equipment available now, shin pads, shin and instep pads, arm guards and hand mitts as well as head protectors and chest protectors. They are made to be extremely durable, lightweight, and easy and fast to pull on and off.


Using protective equipment can help enhance your training, allowing you to develop a wide range of useful punches, kicks, strikes and blocks you can apply at the correct distance during practice, to work effectively when you need them. Come and check out our store!!

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