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Focus Pads - Pair, Square PU


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Pacific Sports Square PU Focus Pads mini shields

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  • Pacific Sports square PU focus pads - these are excellent training aids and can be used like mini-shields. Paired hand held square focus pads (also available as single pad). Excellent quality at a sensible price.
  • Suited to all styles of martial arts
  • Excellent for class training - suitable for adults and children, beginners or experienced students
  • Long-lasting and strong for tough training, work well for punches and kicks and jumping/flying techniques
  • Easy to hold - glove holder with finger slots on back of the pad provides secure grip for pad holder
  • 5cms of thick impact absorbing padding for excellent impact for all punches, strikes and kicks
  • Hard-wearing leather with double-stitching at seams for durability
  • Size: Each pad measures 23cms x 29cms
  • Weight: 1pr focus pads weighs 1.1kg
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