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Basic karate pants

When you’re practicing martial arts you need training pants that have a relaxed fit and that are made with good quality fabric. Although it is a tough job to find great quality items at reasonable prices these days, you can always rely on Pacific Sports. The online store has a good range of basic karate pants that suit martial art training or simply for exercising at home.

What every style of martial arts you are practicing, you need to warm up with exercises that include stretching, kicking or boxing, moving upper and lower body freely. Martial arts training pushes you to go beyond your body’s regular limits and do something extra. Pacific Sports has designed all these pants with that in mind so you’ll have room to stretch, perform high kicks with feet and knees and if necessary do some jumping too.

At Pacific Sports, you have cotton and poly/cotton pants available that you can order anytime. You can select from black or white. The weight of both the pants is 8oz that means they are very manageable during all the sessions. All the white GI pants are made for tough training, but so comfortable you’ll want to wear them at home casually.

We have all regular sizes in store for you, from 2/150 to fit small adults up to 7/200 to fit XXL adults. The fitting and construction of these pants are excellent so that when you are performing high kicks or stretching, nothing will rip. This is also because we give close attention to the stitching. Strict attention is paid to the seams, ensuring that the stitching does not wear loose or rip under duress. Karate pants take a lot of hardware so it’s not unusual for seams to wear loose but with Pacific Sports basic karate pants you won’t have such issues. This is the reason that most of the clients come to us with their orders.

The poly/cotton fabric is easy to care for as well as hard-wearing. If you are looking for lightweight easy care training pants these are perfect. Always keep in mind that you need to have pants that do not hinder your training and feel comfortable throughout all aspects of the class.

When it comes to the pricing, you can always rely on Pacific Sports. Our basic karate pants are very reasonably priced. We aim to provide excellent quality martial art supplies at sensible prices.

When you are visiting us, the entire ordering procedure is very simple, you just have to select your desired pants, their size, and quantity if you want more than one, and then add them to the cart. If you do not wish to buy any other item, then continue with the checkout and select your shipping address. You can apply for the discount code as well if you have any. After that, simply check out with your chosen payment method.

You see, shopping for your basic karate pants was that straight forward like never before.

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