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Basic Karate Uniform

Are you planning to try martial arts classes or thinking about enrolling your kids in martial art class? If so you will need to buy a basic karate uniform, otherwise known as a karate Gi.

You can find this style of martial art uniform in the Pacific Sports online store. Usually, these uniforms are made in a polyester and cotton fabric. The weight can be as light as 7oz but usually is around 8oz for older children and adults. The light fabric suits the energy activity of karate where students have to punch, kick, jump and spar at speed.  

Pacific Sports martial art supplies store has a wide range of karate uniforms, from the basic karate uniform for beginners in a lightweight polyester and cotton to the heavy cotton canvas uniforms for experienced martial artists. Whatever your choice you will find a good quality uniform that’s economical to buy, comfortable to wear and lasts well.

Currently, the basic karate uniform is available in both black and white 8oz polyester and cotton mix. You can purchase either by buying online through the website or by calling us directly so we can give you personalized service and help you make the right choice for your style of martial art.

Wherever you buy your basic karate uniform it is important that you be aware of the weight of the fabric. While a light 7oz fabric can be OK for kids it is not good enough for adults. Why not? Because martial art training is active, that means you’ ll sweat. When you sweat the polyester and cotton fabric soaks up that sweat and adheres to your body. A lightweight 7oz basic karate uniform can become quite revealing, whereas the slightly heavier 8oz basic karate is much less so.  

A Pacific Sports basic karate uniform is double stitched at every seam so you don’t have to worry about seams splitting and can simply enjoy your training. The basic karate uniform jacket is made to suit all styles of karate and the same for the pants, from the high jumping kicks of Taekwondo to the long stances of karate your basic karate uniform is the perfect training outfit.

The waistband of the pants is elasticated with an inner drawstring, convenient for adults and kids alike. Sizes start at size 00000/90 to fit toddler size kids and go up to7/200 to fit XXL adults. 

If you’ re looking to buy an amazing quality basic karate uniform for an economical price, you won’t find better than Pacific Sports. Prices are highly reasonable and the checkout process is simple and straightforward. Simply choose your size and color and quantity and click on ‘ add to cart’ If you are done with your shopping, then provide your shipping details, enter any discount code if you have it and check out paying via PayPal or other payment methods.

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