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Canvas Karate Pants

Canvas karate pants are available in several different weights to suit the wearer and the style of martial art they are practicing. The fabric is 100% cotton, processed to various weights of the canvas. These usually start at 12oz, a lightweight canvas fabric, then 14oz and 16oz. All Pacific Sports canvas karate pants are made of top quality fabric, stitching, and in a traditional cut or design that’s practical and comfortable. You can move freely and train comfortably in these pants without any issue. These pants are available in black and white.

Canvas karate pants are not restricted just to martial arts classes, they are perfect for practicing at home too. While the fabric is heavier than the lightweight pants worn by beginners to martial art training, they actually feel cooler. This is due to the 100% cotton fabric and because the fabric does not sit on your skin in the way soft fabrics do. The stiffness in the canvas karate pants means it lifts slightly away from your legs yet absorbs all perspiration at the same time. That’s one of the reasons canvas karate pants are so popular.

Pacific Sports 3/160 and go up to size 7/200. We have taken special care with the cut and styling of these pants. Karate is an activity where you do not want fixed or tight clothing, neither should it be too big or baggy. With these pants, you can move freely and just enjoy training.

Construction is an important part of manufacturing karate pants. They must be able to stand up to the rigors of being stretched and strained in all directions. That’s why Pacific Sports canvas karate pants are popular. You can rely on them, knowing that the seams will hold even through the toughest training session. There is a drawstring in pants so that you could adjust accordingly.

Pacific Sports canvas karate pants are available in two styles of the waist, either the traditional drawstring cord or the more popular elastic waist with an inner drawstring that can be pulled tighter for small waists.

Canvas pants are durable, they should last several years so they don’t come cheap. At the same time, you’ll find Pacific Sports canvas karate pants are very reasonably priced and affordable. Our customer service is excellent, friendly and offering expert advice that’s only available from people that understand martial art training.

The after purchase service is among the best you’ll find anywhere. If you need to return an item due to wrong sizing or it is different to your expectations you can always call our customer care. For placing your order, choose the pants via the website or by Clicking to Call Now: (+61) 0415 383 635

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