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Canvas karate Uniform

So you have been training for some time and you’re thinking about investing in a heavier quality canvas karate uniform? Getting into a canvas karate uniform makes you feel a little sharper and smarter, especially the first time you wear it so it motivates you to train harder. Being motivated is a critical part of any style of martial art training, it enhances your physical energy and mental interest inspiring you to go the extra mile.

Most martial art practitioners buy their canvas karate uniform online. Browsing through the sites you can check prices and read descriptions and reviews before making your final choice. Prices vary greatly, from less than $100 on some sites to around $300 on others. Does a higher price mean you get the gi of your dreams? You are hope so but it’s not always the case. A lot comes down to what you value in your canvas karate uniform. Is it the quality of the fabric, the construction, the durability or the fit? Or a bit of each?

When buying a canvas karate uniform from Pacific Sports you’ll find hard-wearing uniforms that fit well, manufactured to exacting standards, in a variety of weights and all at sensible prices – and with an excellent return policy if you are not happy.

The Pacific Sports lightweight canvas karate uniform is just 10oz in weight, perfect for summer. Other weights include 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and even the heaviest heavyweight 18oz. All are made in 100% cotton canvas.

No matter what the weight or fabric of the canvas karate uniform you are looking for, Pacific Sports never compromise on the quality. We have the most competitive quality in the market that makes our uniform prices amazing value.

A canvas karate uniform is usually worn by an experienced practitioner, not a beginner. The reason for this is the stiffness and weight of the uniform. Learning the movements of martial art requires lots of full body movement, stretching, kicking and punching at the least. These techniques are more comfortable to learn in a lightweight beginners uniform than in the heavier stiffer fabric of a canvas karate uniform.

While a beginners karate uniform is made up of a jacket, pants and white belt, the canvas karate uniform is made up of the jacket and pants only. Being for experienced practitioners it is considered that a belt is not necessary, the practitioner will have a belt already.

Although the fabric of a canvas karate uniform is stiff initially, it becomes softer and more malleable with washing and wears. Even if after many years it may become frayed in some areas and obviously an old gi, some practitioners hate to part with their gi’s, loving the way it has molded to their shape and become an old favorite.

Every Pacific Sports canvas karate uniform is 100% cotton. The fabric absorbs sweat and keeps the wearer comfortable through the toughest training session. These hardwearing gi’s should be washed after every training session, dried outside in the fresh air as much as possible and it will last for many years.

The prices of our products vary depending on the weight of the canvas but all products are sensibly priced and we offer several choices of postage to help you receive your uniform in the shortest possible time frame and at a reasonable cost.

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