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Jiu Jitsu Pants

Having a spare set of jiu jitsu pants is a great idea when you’re training. And if you’re living in Australia training in a hot climate you can’t beat the lightweight feel of ripstop 100% cotton jiu jitsu pants.

If you want to by from a reliable company with a reputation for sensibly priced products and excellent customer service, choose Pacific Sports.

We have a wide range of martial arts clothing and equipment including jiu jitsu uniforms and the 10oz ripstop pants.

The fit of a jiu jitsu uniform, ripstop jiu jitsu pants or a karate uniform is important, it affects the wearer’s ability to perform at his best. Yet no two people are exactly the same, bodies have different shapes and each wearer has different priorities. That’s why you can buy jiu jitsu pants from Pacific Sports comfortably, knowing that if you are not happy with the fit you can return them and you will be refunded your buying price.

The weight of these jiu jitsu pants is 10 oz and they are 100% cotton, perfect for the hot Australian summer. Cotton is a natural fabric so it breathes, absorbs the perspiration and keeps your body cool. Another benefit of these 10oz ripstop pants is the lightness of the fabric, it makes it easy to throw your jiu-jitsu pants into a bag when traveling with very little extra weight added These pants are pre-shrunk so the chances of shrinking later are minimal.

Pacific Sports ripstop pants are made to professional standards so you can expect them to have a great fit and to be as hardwearing as any more expensive brand name. Currently these are available in white in sizes 3/160 to 6/190.

You can purchase these Jiu Jitsu Pants from Pacific Sports online store by ordering them online or calling or emailing directly so you can be sure you’re getting the product you want in a size that’s comfortable for you. Buying online is easy. Just choose the jiu jitsu pants you want, pick the size and quantity and add to the cart. Later, you just have to add your address, make payment, and the order will be at your home within a few days.

If when they arrive the pants do not fit as you expected, then return them to us in 7 days so that we can exchange them. If the pants are defective, then return them in 10 days either for an exchange or a refund.

We offer you various postage choices, including express if you want the pants fast and various methods of payment, credit cards, PayPal, or Poli.

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