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Jiu Jitsu Uniform

Buying a jiu jitsu uniform can be a difficult process when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or how much you need to pay to get the jiu jitsu uniform that fits your needs.

If you’ve just started training you might love jiu jitsu now, but will you love it next year? Is this going to be a long-term journey for you or will you move on to something new after a few months? Be sure you know you’re going to stay with it before spending hundreds of dollars on a jiu-jitsu uniform.

A jiu-jitsu uniform is not the same as a judo uniform. Each has unique features that make it the perfect uniform for that activity. Judo gis has a thicker weave and a different fit to a jiu jitsu uniform. They are designed for gripping so the fabric is loose and soft, ‘’grippable’’. The fit of the sleeves is longer and wider for the same reason.

A jiu jitsu uniform has a tighter fit, close to the body with narrower, shorter sleeves and a harder collar. This style of fit makes it harder for an opponent to grip and gain control.

Single Weave

Next, consider the weave of your jiu jitsu uniform. It’s recommended that beginners choose a single weave for their first uniform. These are the most basic jiu jitsu uniform so economical and perfect for beginners. They are lighter, less restricted and more comfortable for when you begin jiu jitsu training. The only downside is that they are less hard-wearing than a heavier double weave jiu jitsu uniform.

Pearl Weave

Pearl weave gis have become very popular for use in competitions. They are the lightest weight allowed for competition and very comfortable to wear. The weave is light enough to let the air flow through, keeping you cooler yet these are still very hard-wearing, more durable than a singe weave jiu jitsu uniform and round about the same price. You can know a pearl weave jiu jitsu uniform by the fabric, it looks like tiny bumps.

Double Weave

If you’re looking for a much harder wearing jiu jitsu uniform than a single weave or pearl weave, the double weave is for you. Double weave is just as it sounds, the doubling of the single weave fabric. As you can imagine the fabric is heavy, it’s twice as dense with twice as much fabric per square metre. This means that it’s harder for an opponent to grip, but on the downside this jiu jitsu uniform will retain the heat, the fabric is heavy and some people find it uncomfortably abrasive against their skin, and if you’re using it for competition it will add to your weight at the weigh-in.

On the plus side although expensive this jiu jitsu uniform is very durable. It will last double the time of a lighter single weave or pearl weave jiu jitsu uniform.

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