Cotton Karate GI

The most popular type of martial arts uniform would have to be the karate uniform or karate Gi, as not only karate uses them but also many other types of martial arts schools and many Taekwondo clubs that prefer the karate cross over jacket to the v-neck Taekwondo uniform.

Running a martial arts gym means you only want the best for your students, and that includes cotton karate gi. The best means the cotton fabric is of high-quality and not scratchy. It also needs to have extra stitching so it lasts longer, and most importantly it should not easily wrinkle for a professional finish. Functionality-wise, a karate gi should be lightweight for maximum mobility and an elastic waistband that suits anybody frame.

All these essentials can be found in Pacific Sports karate gi uniforms. As a leading martial arts supplier, we have a huge inventory of karate uniforms or gi's in black and white or a combination of a white jacket and black pants (called salt and pepper uniform). We make sure to provide quality without charging a hefty sum. Pacific Sports want to give your money's worth so our prices are business-friendly, allowing you to offer great deals to your clients and have a competitive advantage against your competitors. Pacific Sports is a direct B2B supplier, which means we do not and will never sell to your clients.

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