Pacific Sports Story!

Pacific Sports was created with a desire to share; to share the meaningful benefits that Margaret and Trevor Dicks have personally gained from martial arts, as well as to share accessibility to high-quality martial arts gear at reasonable prices.

When Margaret and Trevor started their journey back in 1972, they found that martial arts gear was expensive, making the sport inaccessible to those that didn’t have the financial resources to invest in the gear. They started sourcing high-quality martial arts gear from abroad, at more realistic prices for themselves and eventually others; Pacific Sports was born.

Pacific Sports offers a range of high-quality, functional and affordable Karate and Taekwondo uniforms, as well as martial arts and kickboxing supplies Australia wide. From basic Karate uniforms and pants to Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu uniforms; whatever your martial arts requirements are, we have something to fit.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an 8oz weight Karate uniform or a Master looking for canvas Karate uniforms for your school, we have premium quality gear at great prices to meet your needs.

Pacific Sports prides itself on providing personalized customer service. We’re an Australian family run business that takes care in everything we do; every customer is important to us. If you’re not dealing with either Margaret and Trevor, you’ll be provided expert advice by one of their sons, Stephen or Matthew.

We offer our customers advice about specific items, help you choose the correct size or type of material, and so much more; we make sure that every customer gets exactly what they need so they can excel in their training.


Price beat guarantee


We aim to source quality products at low prices. At Pacific Sports, we keep our products free of any unnecessary packaging, branding or marketing costs, which allows us to offer our customers quality products at the best prices. If you’ve been quoted for a product of equal quality at a cheaper price, we’ll match it with no questions asked.


Carefully sourced products


We use our 40 years of martial arts knowledge and experience to source the most functional, durable and affordable gear available.

Our products have been tried and tested; our range of Karate and Taekwondo uniforms, as well as martial arts and kickboxing supplies,  have been used across various martial arts styles, and in many martial arts schools around Australia for years. We take customer feedback seriously and will adjust our offering according to our customer's needs.

We’ve thoroughly researched other brands selling premium quality items, and we’ve matched them in fabric, cut and construction, adding our own label and a smaller mark-up.

Our range of Karate uniforms suits all levels; from beginners to Masters. Our Karate uniforms range from 8oz weight for beginners to the light 10oz canvas to mid-weight 12oz and 14oz canvas and heavier 16oz and 18oz canvas. Our sizes range from 000/110 through to 7/200 which provides options to all of our customers.


Our range of products includes:


#1. Martial Arts Uniforms:


Our martial arts uniforms include basic Karate pants & uniforms, canvas Karate pants & uniforms, Taekwondo uniforms, and Jiu-Jitsu pants & uniforms.


#2. Kickboxing Clothing:


We offer a range of kickboxing clothing including shorts & pants.


#3. Self Defence Equipment:


Our sports self-defense equipment will keep you safe; our range includes hand, arm & shin guards.


#4. Fitness Sportswear:


Our casual sportswear includes rash guards, tracksuits and other sportswear.


#5. Karate & Kickboxing Equipments:


Our range of sports accessories includes shields, focus mitts, and hand pads.


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