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  1. Pacific Sports Australia – The one-stop online store for all your martial art needs

    Pacific Sports Australia is an online store – the purpose of which is to inspire passion in our clients and customers. We make your life easier by offering you with the top-notch quality martial art supplies. You surely will have the best shopping experience here.
  2. What are the benefits of using 100% cotton uniforms for martial arts?

    When it comes to choosing a cotton karate gi there is plenty of choices. Aside from the colors and cut of various brands, there’s also a choice of fabric. We recommend using 100% cotton - here’s why.
  3. Martial Arts Cotton Uniform Vs Karate polyester/cotton mix uniform

    Making the right choice of fabric for your karate uniform is important as it will affect your comfort, performance
  4. Top 4 Reasons to Wear Martial Arts Shoes

    No matter if you are a martial arts beginner or already an advanced practitioner, you tend to think about your uniform as a jacket and pants
  5. How to Use Focus Pads in Your Taekwondo Training?

    One aspect of training that most martial arts practitioners love is pad work. There is something satisfying and stimulating.
  6. How To Choose Hard-wearing Canvas Karate Uniform

    How To Choose Hard-wearing Canvas Karate Uniform, that fits well and looks good, Looking for a new canvas karate uniform?